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Separation, annulment and divorce: How are they different?

After several years of marriage, you and your spouse are thinking about parting ways. When you are preparing to end a marriage, you will have several options to choose from. Three of the most common include separation, annulment and divorce.

What is “Divorce Day,” and is it real?

The Christmas tree has been taken down, the New Year’s party hats are packed away and things are settling back into a normal routine. Does the post-holiday season tend to give you the blues? If yes, then you are not alone. In fact, the first weeks of January tend to make a lot of people feel down—but not necessarily for the same reasons.

When divorce mediation just won’t work

Let’s face it, the word “divorce” has some pretty negative connotations. Of course, this isn’t true for every couple. Some couples are able to divorce amicably by using a relatively painless mediation process. For other couples, though, the d-word’s negative connotations are more than justified.

Divorcing? Ask yourself these important questions

Divorce is full of uncertainty. After building a live with your spouse, you may be wondering what lies in the future. No doubt, you have a lot of questions on your mind. There are some questions that are more important to ask than others-- questions about legalities, finances and the divorce process. We have compiled a list of some important questions that you should ask yourself if you are getting a divorce.

If you think cheating is easier in cyberspace, think again

With the advent of e-mail, social media and smartphones, one would think that infidelity is much easier. More people frequent sites such as Backpage.com or Craigslist to find random hookups, explore fantasies or flirt with people they would not normally meet. Married people may also use Facebook to reunite with long-lost flames or see about opportunities with flirty co-workers.

Advice for divorcees who get 'advice' from family and friends

As much as you may want to keep your divorce a closely guarded secret, it is natural to confide in friends and family members as you dissolve your marriage. However, announcing it invariably leads to advice about what you should be entitled to and how you should treat your soon-to-be ex based on their experiences or what they may see on television.

How forensic accountants assist in high asset divorces

People lead different lives in Tennessee and each one is unique despite what people see on the outside. Just as each marriage is unique, each divorce is unique as well. Each divorce may deal with similar issues, but how those issues are decided vary depending on the circumstances of the marriage.

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