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February 2018 Archives

Done writing your will? Don’t forget these 3 steps

Many people believe that once they have signed their will, the estate-planning process is completely finished. In fact, there are still a few important steps that you should take. Wills can sometimes omit important details that can create major headaches for your loved ones.

Separation, annulment and divorce: How are they different?

After several years of marriage, you and your spouse are thinking about parting ways. When you are preparing to end a marriage, you will have several options to choose from. Three of the most common include separation, annulment and divorce.

Update these 4 estate-planning documents after your divorce

Anyone who is going through a divorce knows that there are seemingly endless legal documents to revise. These can include the divorce agreement, the mortgage, insurance policies and many others. When you are updating your legal documents after a divorce, you would be wise to include your estate-planning documents.

Avoid these mistakes if you're divorcing over the age of 50

Divorcing after the age of 50 is a little different from divorcing at a younger age. Your children may be grown, for example, so child custody concerns will not be an issue. Meanwhile, you and your spouse could share a considerable amount of wealth in the form of retirement savings, 401(k)s, pension funds, real estate and more.

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