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January 2018 Archives

What can my durable financial power of attorney do on my behalf?

The person you name in a durable financial power of attorney as your "attorney-in-fact" will have the power to make different financial decisions -- and carry out various financial tasks -- on your behalf. The attorney-in-fact, however, will only gain these powers in the event of your incapacitation -- i.e., when you become unable to carry out these tasks for yourself due to medical reasons.

A primer on grandparents’ visitation rights in Tennessee, part 2

It is an unfortunate reality that many grandparents are legally barred from visiting their grandchildren. To remedy this, some grandparents petition the court for visitation rights. In Tennessee, grandparents do have the right to see their grandchildren—in a few unique circumstances. We examined these circumstances in our first blog post about the state of grandparents’ rights in Tennessee.

A primer on grandparents’ visitation rights in Tennessee, part 1

The thought of being unable to visit their grandchildren is enough to break any grandparent’s heart. For many grandparents, though, being separated from their grandchildren is an everyday reality. Sometimes, this is because of scheduling issues or long-distance commutes. In other situations, a child custody arrangement prevents grandparents from visiting their grandchildren.

What is “Divorce Day,” and is it real?

The Christmas tree has been taken down, the New Year’s party hats are packed away and things are settling back into a normal routine. Does the post-holiday season tend to give you the blues? If yes, then you are not alone. In fact, the first weeks of January tend to make a lot of people feel down—but not necessarily for the same reasons.

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