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October 2017 Archives

What does a testamentary trust do for a family?

It is not a subject that most people in Tennessee like to discuss or in general think about, but at some point in time it's an unfortunate fact that everyone will die. People die at all different ages and at different stages of life. Some die after living a long life, some die younger while they are still raising young children. However, in both situations people generally leave behind loved ones. Most people want to make sure that their property ends up in these loved ones hands.

Scarlett Johansson reaches agreement for child custody

Many people in Tennessee are familiar with the work of actress Scarlett Johansson, but they may not have been aware that she was going through a divorce. Like any other parent going through a divorce, she also went through a child custody dispute. Initially the couple had an informal agreement for an equal parenting time schedule, but that proved too difficult due to her travel schedule for work and her husband living in France. However, it is unknown what the couple finally agreed to for a schedule with the child.

How to deal with an ex-spouse's tax issues

One of the last things that divorcees may think about when beginning divorce proceedings is how they will deal with tax issues in the future. At the outset, their concerns may only center on where they will live, where the kids will live and where they will go to school, and who will be responsible for paying marital debt.

What is considered marital property in Tennessee?

Prior to getting married in Tennessee, usually people had an individual life separate from that of their spouse. They may have owned homes, had bank accounts, retirement accounts and other assets, which they obtained all on their own. However, once they are married they begin to share their life with their spouse. This goes beyond simply sharing a home and filing joint tax returns. This can lead to complications during the property division process in a divorce.

A lien on retirement could help you get spousal support

You might be incredibly frustrated right now because your divorce settlement isn't being upheld. Or, maybe you're mad because your to-be-ex-husband won't agree to fair financial terms for your settlement. A divorce does have the potential to cause serious stress in your life during the divorce and in the future if your ex isn't willing to honor the negotiations.

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