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September 2017 Archives

Does one need to modify a will after a divorce?

During a marriage, a couple purchases and acquires many assets together. They may purchase homes and other property, grow 401(k)s and other retirement accounts, have investment accounts, grow bank accounts, purchase vehicles, household goods and many other things. To ensure these assets stay within the family when they die many people also draft wills which give all these assets to their spouse if the spouse survives them.

Non-custodial parents can still have visitation with their child

There are many difficult decisions that people need to make during a divorce in Tennessee. However, many times the most difficult decisions are child custody decisions. Generally both parents want to maintain their relationships with their children, but they know it will never be the same as when the whole family was living together. Coming up with a plan that makes the best of the situation can be a difficult and emotional process.

How to properly divide retirement assets in a divorce

There are many aspects to a divorce in Tennessee. People need to go through the complicated process of splitting one life into two separate lives. This includes determining who will be caring for the children. Responsibilities and property that were shared will now become the responsibilities and property of just one spouse. As one can imagine this is not always easy and there can be many disputes between the couple during property division.

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