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June 2017 Archives

Protect your and your spouse's wishes with a prenup

It seems like every week we hear about yet another celebrity breakup. While many of them are short-lived, if there are substantial assets involved, one side could stand to gain from the breakup. Even for non-celebrities, if you or your spouse has a high net worth, things could get tricky when trying to resolve property division.

How wills can protect your family's assets

There are a few certainties in life. You know the sun will rise every morning and set every evening. You know that income taxes are due every year, property taxes due every quarter. One thing in life you do not know is when your time is up. While many Americans, including those from Tennessee, enjoy long fruitful lives, sudden accidents, injuries or illnesses can strike anyone at any time, without notice. This is why it is important to have a will.

Who gets to stay in the house following a divorce?

We all know there are seemingly countless decisions that need to be reached while in the process of a divorce. In an ideal world, both spouses are able to work together and make compromises on the decisions, whether it is child custody, alimony or property division. More often than not, though, there are varying opinions on what is fair or in the best interests of the children. This is when the courts generally have to step in.

Child custody strategy in Tennessee family law

For many Tennessee residents, divorce is one of the most challenging times in their lives. For some, it is a welcome challenge. Divorce offers spouses a chance to start again and move away from a situation that was no longer working. However, there is much that needs to be sorted out before divorcing spouses can truly enter into a new phase of their lives.

6 tips to help win a child custody case

You want custody of your child when you and your spouse get divorced, and you know it's going to be a battle. You're ready to dig in your heels and do everything you can to fight for it. That relationship with your child means more to you than anything else.

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