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April 2017 Archives

Protecting child custody arrangements during a relocation

The way that separated or divorced parents choose to manage the custody of their children can vary greatly. Whether the parents agreed to a child custody plan on their own or had a plan given to them by the courts of Tennessee, they can be sure that the terms of the agreement or order they must abide by was found to be in the best interests of the children by the family law court.

Protect assets before, during and after divorce

Divorce affects individuals throughout Tennessee each and every day. From the individuals who choose to end their relationships with their spouses to the kids whose parents choose to legally end their unions, divorce can be a messy process as lives, money and property is divided up.

Untwining lives post-divorce

When you’re going through a divorce, it’s all you can think about. From the emotional and financial repercussions, to the affect it may have on your children – your mind is consumed with divorce-related thoughts. Each decision you make is critical, and the toll it takes on your life is overwhelming.

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